January 14, 2015

Atlanta Author Event hosted by the very talented Trish Brinkley

This doesn't include the dozen more books I bought once I got there and saw them all in person. I am a book whore, I can't even control myself!

Krista and Becca Ritchie are two of the nicest, most humble people I have ever met. I absolutely love their Addicted Series and their stand alone Amour Amour! 

There are not enough words to describe how much I love Alessandra Torre. She is crazy talented. I have loved every book she has ever written and own them all in paperback. She is one of my absolute favorite authors, I will read anything she writes! Including her new blog on Cosmo website...seriously check it out!

Tillie Cole just blew me away in 2015 releasing multiple books covering three different types of genres - and they were all fantastic!! 

When I met K.A. Linde I had not yet met Brady Maxwell, it's probably a good thing, because I am OBSESSED with him. My fangirling would not have been pretty!

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