January 20, 2015

Foolproof by Jennifer Blackwood

3 - 3.5 Stars

Jules Carmichael is home from school and after a little stint in rehab is required work at Office Jax’s. The worse part of the office supply store is the hideous green shirts and the 90’s pop music on repeat. Jules already not loving her job begins to despise it even more when the office manager’s son shows up and treats her like dirt.

Ryan DeShane has been kicked out of college and recently found out his girlfriend was cheating on him. To add insult to injury now Ryan is back in town required to work at his dad’s store. Bored out of his mind Ryan decides to follow an article he sees in a magazine: “6 Ultimate Steps to the Perfect Summer Fling” on none other than his hot coworker, Jules.

Jules and Ryan begin to develop a relationship that in the beginning that is similar to six year olds on a playground, their form of flirting is mostly bantering back and forth. Things do eventually heat up as their flirting becomes more sexual. I love bantering and flirting, it is usually my favorite part of the build up to a couple but in this one the banter was cheesy and overdone.

I did enjoy the moments of this story, I think I could have enjoyed it more had bantering been less corny and more mature. I love 90’s music, but even I was tired of hearing about it by the time I got to the end of this one. I felt like there was a lot of story that could have been developed that made me more endeared to the the characters. Both of them had a lot of issues but in my opinion things were overshadowed by their immature banter.

Foolproof is told in dual POV and is the second book in the Drexler University Series, but can be read as a stand alone. This story is predictable, but I like that sometimes. It is nice to sit down and know what you are getting. With this one you are getting a sweet, predictable romance, with some hot moments. If that is what you are looking for I definitely recommend.

ARC kindly provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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