January 25, 2015

Kaleidoscope Hearts by Claire Contreras

Kaleidoscope Hearts
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Oh this story and the feels! This book came highly recommended from my book-mate and I love brother’s best friend books, so I wanted to read it asap. With these type of books they are usually pretty easy going and I love that about them, but this one definitely brought the feels. For a book with limited angst there was just something about it that had me feeling everything. This is my first book by Claire Contreras, but it will definitely not be my last.

"Life is short, and brutal, and painful, and it takes loved ones away from us as quickly as it brings them into your lives, but it’s also beautiful.”

When the story begins we meet Estelle, she goes by Elle or her childhood nickname Chicken. Elle has just lost her fiancé a year ago and she is gradually trying to move forward. As apart of that plan she is selling their home and moving in with her brother temporarily. On her first day there she is greeted by the one guy who always had the power to destroy her, Oliver.

"Over the years, I’ve learned a lot about Oliver Hart, but the only one worth remembering, is that he’s bad for my health.”

Oliver appears to be a great guy, he is a doctor, good looking, charming. His only downfall has always been the power he holds over Elle and his own feelings of self doubt and insecurities. Oliver is three years older than Elle, and it wasn’t long before he noticed she was growing into a beautiful woman. He also knew she was completely off limits, since her brother would never approve of them dating. Now we see that story line a lot in books like this, but the thing I loved about this one was that it is also different. Oliver had insecurities and fears based on his childhood and then Elle is trying to move forward.

The story is told alternating from present to the past, not every author can execute this well, but the story flowed perfectly from one time to another. I loved this style since it allowed us to see how things progressed while they were growing up, versus how things are progressing as adults. I fell in love with Oliver and Elle’s story from he beginning. I loved how both characters were likable and completely relatable. I loved how Elle showed strength in her time of weakness, she wasn’t overcompensating her feelings were justifiable.

Oliver wasn’t perfect, but this isn’t a perfect love story. Both characters have to overcome so much, part of that being a past where they hurt each other. While Oliver seems like the perfect guy on the outside he has so many insecurities when it comes to actually settling down.

The story is told mostly from Elle’s POV, but we do see glimpse’s of Oliver’s. I felt like the story was told perfectly: going from past to present and then seeing the right POV at the right time. I was able to connect to both characters and feel their heartache. This is a beautiful story that had me feeling so much. It is true I am sucker for these types of romances, but even if you aren’t I think you will enjoy this book. It had the perfectly level of sexiness, angst, and feels.

I highly recommend this beautiful story about second chances, growing up and overcoming heartache.

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