January 15, 2015

Neanderthal Seeks Human by Penny Reid

5 Stars

Neanderthal Seeks Human is a witty romance story about Janie Morris and Quinn McHotpants Sullivan.

We first meet Janie on the worst day of her life, it began with her finding out her fiancé cheated on her, breaking her heel on the way to work, getting fired from her job and worst of all: running out of toilet paper in her former companies restroom. If all this happened to me I would be devastated but listening to Janie recount her horrible day had me laughing out loud at how funny she is.

On this day, the worse day of her life, she is escorted from the building by Sir McHotpants himself - the guy she has been staring at from afar. Janie learns that Sir McHotpants real name is Quinn and is surprised by the level of care and concern he shows to her. After talking with Janie and realizing how incredibly smart she is, Quinn refers Janie for a job at the security company.

Quinn and Janie begin to build a friendship, it was so fun to see these two people who are both so different communicate. Janie is someone who says exactly whats on her mind and Quinn is the quite brooding type. Janie just ended a long relationship and Quinn doesn’t date, he prefers mutually beneficial relationships. While Janie doesn’t judge that type of relationship, she refuses to be in one herself.

Watching these two together was addictive.I loved seeing how they worked together and wanted each other to be happy and have peace in the relationship. Both of them were selfless, not one gave more then the other.

"God, Quinn, you have no idea how permanent I’d like this to be. I’d like us to be twinkies and cockroaches, death and taxes."

See Janie isn’t like most people you meet, she is crazy smart and is full of facts. She also has a problem with randomly sharing these facts, so throughout the story Janie would work in a fact. I loved how despite Janie being different then most girls, Quinn was completely enthralled with her. Every time she spoke he was dying to hear what she had to say, it was so endearing.

"You know, he is really crazy about you; not crazy like your sister Jem crazy, but trying-to-become-a-better-person crazy.”

When I finished this one I was just so impressed that Penny Reid even knew all these crazy facts to be able incorporate them in the story, it just made me even more impressed with her. This is my second book I have read by Ms. Reid, since I read The Beauty and the Mustache out of order, and I must say the more I read the more I love. Her writing is so smart, witty, and addictive. Not to mention how good she is at creating diverse characters and I am not saying that lightly. Her characters are completely unique and eccentric, and I have loved all the ones I have met!

I highly recommend this story. I cannot even begin to describe how much I love Ms. Reid’s writing, if you are looking for something unique, quirky and fun this is the book for you.

"…about my worst day ever, which actually turned into one of the best days ever because it was the first time I talked to you and looked you in the eye.”

Sidenote: I listened to the audio version of this book and narration was great. The narrator was able to execute both parts and read with emotion.

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