January 25, 2015

The Line Between by Tamsyn Bester

The Line Between

3 - 3.5 Stars

"Love is complicated. But worth fighting for.”

I struggled with how to rate this one, mainly because there were moments I really enjoyed this book. As I was gathering my thoughts on this one I choose how I felt most of the book. In the beginning I was really enjoying things.

We first meet Kennedy when she is in fifteen, in high school and is being humiliated by her boyfriend due to another guys, Dane, actions. It immediately made me think of another book and was trying to figure out why this guy hated her so much. We quickly learn that Dane’s family has been feuding with Kennedy’s family for multiple generations.

While Dane has decided to continue on with this tradition of feuding, the other kids in this generation have moved on. Kennedy and her brother Charlie are friends with Dane’s twin sister Jewell, but for some reason Dane refuses to move on.

The story picks up years later when Dane and Kennedy are going to be attending the same college. Dane will be rooming with his best friend Reid and Kennedy will be living with her best friend Jade. Again this feud is even more troublesome since everyone is friends with the exception of Dane and Kennedy.

A lot has changed and both have become more damaged and jaded based on the past few years. I enjoyed seeing these two navigate their attraction and find away to be around each other without being friends. Mainly because not matter what they can’t fight their attraction.

I was really enjoying the story up until we got closer to the end. I got very frustrated as time went on and didn’t understand some choices the couple made. I definitely didn’t get why Kennedy didn’t confide in her best friend, in my opinion it didn’t allow the characters to full develop. I felt like I could have enjoyed it so much more.

First, I love jerks in books, especially dirty talkers - which is exactly what we get with Dane. Not to mention Dane was damaged and I love damaged guys, but to me there was just this huge disconnect where I never full understood his mindset. Lastly, the ending felt rushed to me. Towards the very end Dane really disappointed me, and I don’t think the pain and damage he caused was really full expanded on in a way that allowed me to forgive him.

I am not sure if this books is for everyone, but if there was another book for Reid and Jade I would definitely read it. I do think if just a few things were different I could have really enjoyed it a lot more.

ARC kindly provided through publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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