January 18, 2015

Trouble by Samantha Towle

4.5 - 5 Stars

This story is told from Mia and Jordan’s point of view. I loved being able to see both sides and their inner thoughts allowed me to really relate and connect with the characters. When I started this story I thought it would just be a hot little read, which was fine with me, but I loved the level depth this story held.

We first meet Mia when she is learning of her father’s death. My first impression of Mia was that she was obviously damaged. After finding out her father passed and feeling relief I knew there must have been some type of abuse. After learning of the level of abuse she had to withstand my heart broke for her. Then to see that Mia enters into another relationship with her first boyfriend only to have him physically and abuse her too, I wanted to scream for her to run. Thankfully, Mia does eventually run after learning somethings about her past.

After driving for two days, across seven states she finally arrives in Colorado. In need of a hotel she is referred to Golden Oaks by a diner employee. Mia is very nervous, anxious and on guard after surviving her past, she isn’t used to be attracted or feeling anything around men.

"Then, quite literally, the epitome of everything a girl like me should stay away from walks through the door directly behind the reception desk.”

Jordan isn’t looking for a girlfriend or romance, he is just looking for his next good time. He has his own demons and the last thing he is interested in settling down with anyone. When first meeting Jordan he may seem like an arrogant jerk, but I could quickly see there was more to him. He rescued and loved his dog, Dozer, so I knew there was a good guy in there somewhere.

Mia and Jordan are both so awkward around each other due to Mia’s fear and Jordan trying to maintain his distance, but they are drawn together by Dozer. This circumstance allows them to connect and get to know each other without any pressure. I loved this part since Mia needed this time to build trust and Jordan need to develop and understand what he was feeling.

As I was saying I am so surprised by the amount of depth and heart in this story. My heart just broke for Mia and Jordan. I loved how well the characters were developed and their relationship to each other progressed. Everything built at a perfect pace and I loved how they healed.

I highly recommend this read. There is lots of heart and love in this story. There are deep issues addressed and honestly it isn’t an easy read. There were so many moments that broke my heart, but I love when a book that can make me feel. I don’t want to discourage anyone from reading it by saying this one made me feel, because there were also moments that had me laughing at their inner thoughts and Jordan had a lot of swoon worthy moments.