February 14, 2015

Edgeplay by Katie de Long

My 3 of 5 Star Review

Nina’s has been barely living her life. Despite having a successful business she is unable to sleep and allows most of her life to be controlled by her fear and anxiety. Tragic events that happened during her childhood have shaped the person she is now.

The story begins with us meeting her and Daniel. Daniel is a dominate and she is asking him to act out a script. When Daniel accidentally deviates from the script everything changes. He is able to see how damaged Nina is and desperately wants to help her. The story then progresses with Daniel desperately trying to help Nina overcome her fears.

I am not sure how fair it is to rate this book since I went into the story thinking it was something else. I had expected a BDSM storyline and a damaged heroine, some readers may think that is what this. However, in my opinion this story had very little BDSM elements and was more about helping Nina overcome her issues. As horrible as I may sound in saying this, I was expecting a hot, sexy book and that’s not what this is so I am a little disappointed.

In the end, I did love how things came together, I do love reading about healing and overcoming your past, but this one just didn’t hit any of my feels. The more I read the more confused I was about where the story was going. That being said I do think other readers will enjoy this story, if they go in with the correct expectations.

"And who I wanted to be was there the whole time. I just couldn’t figure out how to let her out."

ARC kindly provided by publisher via NetGalley.

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