February 22, 2015

More by Lea Griffith

My 3.5 Star Review 

"I want everything or nothing at all.”

The story begins with us meeting and Ruthie and Tobias. They have been dating for years, but Tobias is a dominate and refuses to unleash his true self with Ruthie. He wants to protect her, but Ruthie wants to give her whole self to Tobias. After one night when Tobias accepts Ruthie’s submission he decides he can’t continue with her and they break up. Ruthie decides she has to get away and moves to Las Vegas.

The story picks up three years later and Ruthie is back in town and she has decided she is going to get Tobias to accept her submission. In the time since Ruthie left she has become a famous painter. This is a huge deal since Ruthie is mostly blind, her vision is limited to shadows in natural light. I actually really enjoyed that aspect of the story. I liked that Ruthie didn’t allow this to hold her back. I liked that she had such a passion for something that most would think requires sight and for her to be successful was fantastic.

This story was so much more then I originally expected. I liked that there was suspense and drama to keep the story moving. I really enjoyed how the characters grew together and accepted all parts of themselves and each other. This story is super hot obviously, but I actually enjoyed all the other aspects just as much.

"I did want more. But my more is you. It’s always been you, Ruthie. You’re my everything."

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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