February 4, 2015

Power and Possession by C.C. Gibbs

The ultimate pleasure lies in sweet surrender . . .
Brash. Brilliant. Devastatingly handsome. Billionaire playboy Rafe Contini can have any woman he wants-no strings, no commitments, no promises. But when American graduate student Nicole Parrish crashes his private party in Monte Carlo, he wants more than a casual one-night stand. He wants to possess this beautiful stranger-body, mind, and soul.

Nicole isn't interested in being possessed by any man-especially one as powerful as Rafe. But with a seductive smile and enigmatic charm, he lures her into his private world of erotic discovery and pushes her to the brink of ecstasy. In the summer days-and nights-that follow, they explore every forbidden fantasy, every willful desire, every wild, dizzying sensation. And come dangerously close to crossing the line-between love and lust, pleasure and pain, power and possession…

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About the author:
C.C. Gibbs is the pen name of New York Timesbestselling author Susan Johnson. She divides her time between the Midwest and Northern California, and considers the life of a writer the best of all possible worlds. Bringing characters to life allows her imagination full rein and researching books is great fun!

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“Where are you staying?”
“At my uncle’s apartment.”
“Come to my place.” He folded his hands on the table, leaned forward a little, his gaze focused, her appeal powerful as a riptide, ignoring the fact that what he was about to say was messing with his head. “I’ll kick out everyone else.”
“Everyone else? Meaning?” She didn’t lack confidence, and he was notorious for his casual sexual encounters.
For some reason he didn’t mind her impertinence. “Only male friends. I never allow women to stay with me.” He smiled. “Until now. So how about it?”
“Sure, I’d like that.” And suddenly the summer takes an interesting turn. So far the boys of summer had been only mildly interesting. “But not for long.” She wrinkled her nose. “I have to go back to school in a couple of weeks.”
Rafe suddenly went still; her little nose twitch reminded him of a child. “Just for the record,” he murmured, “how old are you?” People graduated college at any age; he had at nineteen.
“Worried?” Nicole flashed him a grin. “How much does it matter?”
He scowled. “It matters.”
“Or you’re gone.”
“Now neither of us wants that,” she said, amusement in the blue of her eyes. “Do we?”
He didn’t move a muscle, even his breathing quieted. “Don’t,” he said, very softly. “No games.”
Nicole’s voice was lush with provocation. “Really? I’ve heard you like games.”
“You heard wrong.” He held her gaze for a moment, then sighed. “Tell me your age or get the fuck out.” Hand of fate or not, he didn’t do stupid.
“Twenty-two.” Her brows rose in perfect arcs.
“So, are we seeing blue skies and rainbows once again?” Honeyed sarcasm dripped from each word. “Or do I find someone else at this party to entertain me?”
Rafe’s smile slowly unfurled and his eyes took on a predatory glow. “You could try, I suppose. But you wouldn’t get out the door.”
“Oh dear, oh my, I do declare,” she lamented in playful parody. “Am I your captive?”
“You are.” Smoothly rising from his chair, he strode toward the door. “Now I’m going to lock the door, then fuck you till morning.”
“And then what?”
Whoa. The unmistakable note of demand in her voice brought him to a stop. He turned. “I’m sorry, did you say something?”
She met his insolent gaze and smiled. “I said—and then what?… As in afterward.”
Audacious or foolhardy? Fascinating certainly. He winked. “Afterward, you can tell me your name. How’s that?”
She winked back. “I’ll think about it.”
He went very still. “Is this a contest?”
“I hope not,” she murmured, gazing at him from under her long, dark lashes. “I hope I get what I want.”
“Which is?”
“Do you need a list?”
“Do you know what you’re doing?” Unsure whether it was anger or lust igniting his senses, his voice took on a raspy edge and his golden gaze turned cold.
“I can’t answer that definitively, but right now it looks like your dick knows what it’s doing,” she noted, with a languid lift of her hand.
He looked at her for a moment. A woman had never taunted him before and he wanted to pick her up and shove his dick so far up her pussy he’d need a road map to get out.
“Don’t,” she said, very, very softly. “This could be really good… mind-blowing in fact. You have to know that.”
“Fuck you,” he whispered, shifting his stance enough to ease the pressure on his erection.
“Anytime… Just not that way, okay?”
He dragged in a ragged breath. “Don’t tell me what to do.”
She held his gaze, unflinching. “Nor you me.”
A smile slowly overcame his discontent as he held her contentious stare. “Why don’t we see?” he said very gently. “You might like it after all.” Then he reached back, turned the key in the lock, slid it into his pocket, and moved toward her.”

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My review

I have been looking forward to reading this story for months, ever since my dear friend Sue posted teasers in the CC Gibbs fan group on Goodreads. I have been dying for more and finally getting to meet Rafe didn’t disappoint in the least.

The story begins with Nicole, Dominic’s niece. Her and her girlfriend are spending the summer in Europe. The first thing you notice about Nicole is she is spoiled. She comes from a pretty average family, but she is her uncle’s pick and he has always spoiled her. Nicole is also a strong, confident and intelligent woman, so while her behavior was frustrating at times I still enjoyed that fact that she wasn’t a meek, insecure heroine. While vacationing in Europe, living it up, she is invited to a yacht party. During the party she is lucky enough to meet Rafe.

Now Rafe, is young, wealthy, and a playboy. He is used to getting what he wants and he doesn’t make apologies for his life style. Rate is also highly intelligent and successful, but with his lifestyle it’s easy to forget there is more to him than meets the eye. When Nicole stumbles into his suite on accident, Rafe decides he isn’t letting her go so easily. Being the wealthy playboy he is, he makes plans and arranges things so they can spend a few weeks together.

This isn’t a story of love at first sight. No it is more lust at first sight, and what happens when you have two people who are used to getting what they want. Combustion, yes these two light the world on fire. They obviously have tons of sexual chemistry, but they are also very combative and their relationship isn’t easy. I think that is what frustrated me the most, mainly because Nicole refused to quit arguing with him and making things difficult.

That brings me to my side note. I have always had male friends, growing up I was a bit of tomboy and we all know I am pretty vulgar and cuss like a sailor so naturally I have always gotten along with the guys. So I have this guy friend who was a complete man whore. Well, he finally settled down a few years ago and his wife, who I am also friends with, is so difficult when it comes to him. If he brags about himself, which he likes to do (he is very obnoxious) she totally shuts him down. I love their dynamic. She treats him like an normal guy, nothing more and he loves that fact that she doesn't put up with is crap. I guess the long story short, which we are way past that point, is that if it were easy he would have treated her like all the rest.

Nicole is Rafe’s game changer. She doesn’t elevate him, but treats him like an equal and she refuses take orders from him. This couple has so far to go in terms of being stable and finding their way, but it is off to a great start. CC Gibbs is a fantastic story teller and I love how her characters move and grow throughout her books. I am so anxious to see how things pick up in the next book.

Power and Possession is told in the third person so we are able to get a full picture of how everyone fits together and the stories developing in the background. From what I can tell Nicole and Rafe's journey will have lots of trials, and I can't wait to see how things unfold.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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