February 18, 2015

When Joss Met Matt by Ellie Cahill & Liz Czukas

3.5 Star Review

Matt and Joss is a friends to lover story and I love these types of stories, so I couldn’t wait to jump in!

The story is told from Joss’s POV and begins in present day. Joss has just received a call from her friend Matt that he wants to meet for dinner. The story quickly changes to seven years prior and we get to see how Matt and Joss met.

Seven years prior Matt and Joss are just two college freshmen trying to find their way, fit in and survive the unknown. Living in the same dorms they form a fast friendship over peach schnapps. Joss is dating her high school boyfriend, but things end quickly when he breaks up with her for another girl. Devastated Joss decides to go out with the girls and has too much too drink. In her inebriated state she thinks it’s a good idea to sleep with a random frat guy. Luckily, that plan blows up in her face when he passes out. Left to her own devices she heads home and runs into Matt.

Matt being the young college guy he is decides it’s a perfect plan to develop a “partnership” with Joss. Together they decide they will “help” each other out by cleansing their palettes between breakups. Thus a stronger bond is formed and the rest is history.

The story progresses switching between past and present. Now most of the story is told looking back over the past seven years. We watch the couple go through multiple relationships and experiences together. We see that even though things started out as one thing, Matt and Joss have formed a real friendship over the years.

As I was saying we do see some of the present in this story, but most of it spans over a few days. During this time we see through Joss’s reflections that she has developed real feelings for Matt. She isn’t sure it is right to continue on with their agreement when her feelings have progressed outside their original parameters.

I really love the idea of this story, however, I didn’t love how much of the story was spent looking back. I get that this time is required for us to believe and feel their connection, but I really wanted to see more of the present. I also felt the some of our present time was wasted on unnecessary drama.

I did enjoy how sweet this story is and Matt and Joss’s banter. I feel most people will enjoy this one more than I did, as most of my friends have loved it. So while it may not have been a complete win for me, I do recommend checking it out if you enjoy sweet, friends to lovers stories.

ARC kindly provided by publisher via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

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