March 24, 2015

New Release - Manwhore by Katy Evans

My 5 Star Review

I was so excited to start Manwhore. I love books about reformed or damaged men, so I assumed I would enjoy this one. HOWEVER, I never imagined I would love Malcolm Saint so much!

Ruthless, they say. A complete manwhore, they say. And so ambitious he’d put Midas to shame. Oh yeah. They say Saint won’t rest until he owns the world.

Rachel knows all about Malcolm Saint, it’s impossible to live in Chicago and not know the infamous billionaire. Despite knowing who Saint is she has never met him and never plans to, they have nothing in common. But when it comes to saving her job at Edge Magazine there isn’t much she won’t do, so when she is offered her big break she takes it. Her boss wants her to interview Saint, get the inside scoop on Chicago’s biggest manwhore.

Rachel has been waiting on this break and with magazine barely surviving they need this break. However, getting to Saint isn’t an easy task and he puts her through the ringer. Desperate and at a loss Rachel decides to try to get to Saint at a night club party. While it seems like a good idea and she has the best of intentions, things do not go according to plan.

Malcolm Saint is a force to be reckoned with and when you first meet him it’s easy to write him off as being just another self-centered egomaniac, but he is so much more. The more I got to know him and learned about his past the more I loved him. Malcolm is such a complex character. I loved his strength, determination and perseverance. I am a huge fan of overcoming your past, moving beyond your childhood and not making excuses. A lot would say the billionaire who came from a wealthy family had it all, but that isn’t the case. Having money isn’t everything. It would have been so easy for him to be less ambitious and live off of his father’s success, but that’s not Malcolm.

When Rachel meet’s Malcolm she is naturally attracted to him, but over time she also begins to see another side to him.

I want to forget there are multiple reasons why this isn’t a good idea- because it doesn’t matter if it’s good or even right, only that I give my body what it wants. And all I want right now is looking down at me as if he wants to give it to me too.

Rachel is a very cautious person. After her father was murdered for being at the wrong place at the wrong time, she constantly trying to make the right choices. I completely understood Rachel. I felt like her resistance wasn’t the typical wavering we see amongst heroines, her fear was completely justified. She is the type of person who is always thinking two steps ahead, trying to predict how her current actions will effect her. So when she meets Saint and he completely turns her world upside down she isn’t sure which way to go.

This story moves so quickly and I was hooked pretty quickly. I fell so hard for Saint that in the beginning I was frustrated with Rachel’s resistance. I told my bestie, I am such a book whore because I would never say “no”, but as I have thought about this story I can truly understand her. Saint is by far one of my favorite hero’s I have read this year. He is the perfect amount of sexy, damaged and charming.

Saint is momentum. Movement. He’s a man who’s always moving forward, pushing for more. He will never stand still until he owns the world, and I just want to find my place in it.

Rachel is strong, determined and driven, but she is also anxious and fearful. To me the combination was so realistic. I loved how she was with Saint. She was a realist and didn’t want to be romanced, but this is Saint we are talking about!

I highly recommend this story. It is fun and flirty, but has so much heart and depth. The story developed at a perfect pace and falling for the characters was pretty instant for me. I am so excited for this new series. As soon as finished I was immediately wanting more. I can’t wait to read Manwhore +1.

People look at me like I can get them the moon, but you look at me like I already did. Like all I need to do is exist and you would be happy.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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