March 19, 2015

Review - American Savages by J.J. McCoy

My 5 Star Review

After the ending in Untouchables I was dying for this one. I wasn’t sure how things would pick up and what direction JJ would take us on for this epic conclusion.

We can’t all be the phoenix, some of us have to be the ashes.

The story begins with Liam. As you know he is in prison awaiting trail on charges of killing Melody. This was such a difficult thing to read, my heart was breaking for Liam. My frustration with Melody was growing with every page and that really bothered me. The biggest thing about this series has been how much I have loved these characters. They are insane and obviously ruthless, but I love their craziness and I have always loved Melody’s strength.

I hate to say it but I was losing faith and that just shows my weakness, because I should never doubt JJ. Things came together perfectly and we started in on this final journey. There are so many things that need to be resolved.

Liam and Melody learned they had a mole in their midst in Untouchables. While they may have cleaned house, there is still too much at risk and they need to secure things. There is also a lot of catching up and forgiving that needs to be done where they were both away for 5 months.

My favorite thing about JJ’s writing is she takes you on this journey and it’s insane and unpredictable. I love how she can keep me on the edge of my seat dying for more and despite how closely I am paying attention she still surprises me. I love how these characters have become family to me. Being able to see their POV’s allows you to get to know them.

'There are no pants in Mel’s and my relationship, we both prefer to be naked.'

Melody and Liam stole my heart back in Ruthless People the are unique. They are ruthless and don’t apologize for their actions, they don’t even see the error in their ways. Then to have these two crazy strong characters become completely weak when it comes to each other. Their connection is real, hot and unbelievable. They are a perfect match!

I loved this story and then to get this awesome epilogue, it was just the cherry on top. Honestly, it just made me want more! I highly recommend this series! It is unpredictable, crazy, and leave you wanting more.

"Never forget the ruthless

Because they won't ever forget you."

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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