April 16, 2015

Review - Beautiful Secret by Christina Lauren

My 5 Star Review

Beautiful Secret is a fantastic addition to this fun, sexy series. I have grown to love these men and couldn't wait to meet the another Stella man. Niall Stella is successful, driven and focused. He is also recently divorced, that may be why he failed notice a beautiful woman stalking/staring at him.

'In the past six months, I’d logged more covert glances at Niall Stella’s direction that if anyone was a qualified expert in the topography of his crotch, it would be me.’

Ruby Miller is a transplant from San Diego living in the UK, completing her internship and hoping to be accepted to Oxford. She has also developed a slight obsession with Niall Stella. In the beginning she was impressed with his career, skill, and intellect. However, after seeing The Great Niall Stella in person it quickly turns to more.

For the past six months she observed Niall, but mostly remained the background. That all changes when she is asked to accompany Niall to the States for a month long business trip. During this trip things begin to change for both of them. After spending time with Ruby, Niall realizes he has been barely living since his divorce. He isn’t sure pursuing a relationship with Ruby is the right choice, but he begins to desire more.

'But too get what I wanted, I’d need to put myself out there and meet someone.’

Ruby is a complete mess when it comes to Niall. I loved seeing her fall all over herself and mix up her words due to the anxiety and butterflies she felt around him. Ruby's character is easy to identify with, we have all been the girl so into a guy that we humiliate ourselves just being in their presence. I was so excited for Ruby to get this chance to spend time with Niall. Then to see how things unfolded, it was perfect.

Like the other's in this series, I am in love, but for totally different reasons. I felt this story was so different, more, maybe it was because Niall isn’t a womanizer. Niall is unsure of himself and is afraid to put himself out there. I loved how he was real, honest and upfront. He was a perfect gentleman and cared about Ruby’s feelings, while he struggled with his own. But when it was time to get steamy he was ready, confident and more aggressive.

It was nice to see this scenario reversed, Ruby being the pursuer. Unlike when we see our hero’s chasing a woman Ruby’s pursuits weren’t flawless. They were humors and added a lightness to the story.

Christina Lauren does a perfect job of mixing steam, humor and romance. Beautiful Secret has the perfect level of angst to keep you intrigued, without things going over the top. I love how all angles of the story were developed and resolved. This story is definitely one of my favorites from the series, I highly recommend it!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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