May 29, 2015

GIVEAWAY - Taut by JA Huss

Meet the Players

Rutherford “Ford” Aston is known as the genius in the group, the brains behind the operation. When you first meet Ford you may hate him, he comes off like a prick. He is blunt, private and extremely smart, and isn’t afraid to tell you what’s on his mind. However, there are many layers to Ford. He is also compassionate, protective and vulnerable. Ford wants love and is now ready for it. 

Who’s that girl?

Ashleigh Li is desperate. Stranded in the middle of a blizzard with her three month old daughter, she has no choice but to accept the handsome strangers help. It also tells a lot about Ashleigh, she is a good read of character. She, like Ford, is highly intelligent and wise beyond her twenty-three years of age. Ash maybe broken and lost, but she is still one of the strongest characters I have ever read. I loved her determination, openness and willingness to help Ford, even when she was at one of her lowest points. 

A Love Affair

Ford and Ashleigh together are perfection. Ford has met his match with Ashleigh’s headstrong behavior and refusal to back down, but what wins him over is her submissive nature. She is an enigma to Ford, a puzzle he cannot easily solve. The more time Ford and Ash spend together the more enamored he becomes with Ash and her daughter, Katy. Ash awakens something in Ford and he refuses to let it go without a fight. 

My thoughts

Taut is one of my favorite books, not of JA Huss’s, but ever written. These characters are intelligent, witty, and so incredibly unique. Ford isn’t a guy to just up and change who he is, but seeing Ashleigh with Katy evokes things in him he never thought he would feel. Like all Huss books the chemistry and romance is off the charts, but she also gives us suspense and mystery. Taut is the perfect balance of sexy, heart and angst!

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