June 3, 2015

Review - Our Moon by Jennifer Lynn

There is one type of book I will always, always love. These type of books put a huge smile on my face and quench all my reading desires. The brother’s best friend books gives you unrequited love, forbidden love and typically the sweetest conclusion. So naturally when I was approached to read Our Moon I jumped at the opportunity and I am super glad I did.

Our Moon isn’t your typical friends to lovers or brother’s best friend book. The story begins with us meeting Ally and she has just woken up from a yearlong coma after being involved in a horrible accident that took her parent’s lives. Obviously there is reason to celebrate, but that gets lost in the fact she has amnesia.

Just know that I feel the same way you do, I care about you so much. I don’t want to lose you. I can’t lose you.

Part One of the story is told from Ally’s POV as she begins to find herself and put her life back together. I really felt for Ally. I can’t imagine waking up and feeling completely alone. She only knows what people tell her and she has to put all her trust in her two brothers. I love how Ally felt a connection toward Chase, her brothers' best friend, from the beginning, like her soul knew him.

Part Two which is told from Chase’s POV and allows us to see the events prior the accident. This side of the story felt like your regular brother’s best friend book. There was friends to lovers moments and plenty of forbidden love. I loved getting to see Chase’s feelings and how things developed.

I love how we got to see both sides of the story and the way Jennifer wrote it is so creative, breaking the story into two parts was the only way we could see the Ally pre-accident. In the end the story felt complete. I feel like I got an opportunity to know and love the characters. I was able to feel empathy towards their situation and found myself cheering for them. Their love may have come easy in the beginning, but there was so much to overcome in brining them coming back together. This story was a sweet, emotional read and I truly enjoyed it.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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