June 26, 2015

Review - Stop by Alison G. Bailey


Every life has a different path full of sharp turns, smooth curves, and steep drop offs.

Hollis Murphy has a plan—college, career, boyfriend, love, marriage, family. A predictable, normal life. She’s on track until an outside force causes her to crash and burn. They call it an accident, because that’s the only word they know to explain what happens to her. It helps everyone move on with their lives, except for Hollis. She holds on to the belief that she’s been targeted for a reason. 

Risher Stevenson is intelligent, caring, sweet, and the hottest boy Hollis has ever laid eyes on. He fits perfectly into her original plan for a normal life. Everyone loves him.

Benton Daniels is intelligent, caring, sweet, and the bravest boy Hollis has ever met. He doesn’t fit into her life but gives it purpose and makes it extraordinary. Everyone hates him.

One is bullied. One is tormented. All are judged. How will it STOP? 

Release Date: 6/25/15

“Name?” she said, impatiently.
I was so flustered that for a second I’d forgotten who I was. “Hollis Murphy.”
She scribbled something on a spreadsheet and handed me a packet with my name and the number two hundred ten typed out on the front sticker, which I assumed was my room number.
In a flat bored voice, she said, “Everything you need to know is in the packet. Should you have any additional questions or needs after reading the information, please ask your RA. Have a productive semester. Next!”
Clutching the envelope to my chest, my gaze shifted back down, and I walked quickly out of the office.
As I turned the corner, a loud deep woot! jerked my attention down the hall. I took one step before crashing full force into something solid and warm. Stumbling back, I dropped the envelope. Once my balance returned, my eyes focused on a gray T-shirt with cut off sleeves, stretched across broad shoulders. When I glanced down in search of my envelope, I couldn’t help but spot the narrow hips and round ass covered in black basketball shorts. As I squatted to pick up the envelope, a tanned forearm came into view. My gaze roamed up to find the arm was covered in bulging muscles.
“Oh god, I’m so . . . sor…ry,” I stammered, my cheeks heating with embarrassment.
             “Here ya go,” a deep voice said.
Reaching for the envelope, my gaze inadvertently shot up to the warmest green eyes ever created. His dark brown hair was cut short on the sides, longer on top, and tousled. The perfect amount of scuff peppered his strong jawline, with deep dimples framing a sexy lopsided smile. The air was immediately sucked from my lungs. He wasn’t just hot, he was boy band hot.
             A deep chuckle drifted down before I realized he had stood up and was extending his hand to me.
Oh boy! I get to touch him.
I slipped my hand into his and felt an immediate jolt of electricity. The muscles in his arm twitched. He felt it too.
“Thank you,” I said, as he helped me up.
            “I’m Risher Stevenson.”
            He was actually introducing himself to me.
            It had become a habit not to look directly at anyone, especially a stranger. I automatically angled my head down and to the left, to hide the messed-up side of my face. But those green eyes locked me in place. 
            “Hollis Murphy.”
            “Nice to meet you Hollis Murphy.”
            “Sorry again about running into you. I need to do a better job at watching where I’m going.”
            The tip of his tongue slipped between his lips before they formed into a slight smirk. Just as he was about to speak, his name came barreling down the hallway.
            “Rish! Get your ass down here. We’ve got a ton of boxes to haul in.” A blond-haired guy was standing at the end of the hall.
            “I gotta go finish helping my friends move in.”
            I nodded.
            Risher took three steps before turning back toward me. “Don’t do too good of a job.”
            My eyebrows squished together in confusion.
            “At watching where you’re going. I hate to think I won’t get rump bumped again.”
He winked before jogging away.
            I Sasquatched those shoulders, those hips, and that ass all the way down the hall.


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My 5 Star Review
Alison G. Bailey isn’t new the book world, but she is new to me. I stumbled upon her books a few months ago when my bestie asked me to “hold her hand” during a reread. Of course, I said yes. If this book was good enough to reread I needed to read it at least once. That book shook me to my core. I am talking frantic voice messages, balling my eyes out, even sweating. Next thing I knew I was reading all her books back to back. 

In my opinion books should make us feel and Alison knows how to write books that make you feel! I was terrified to start this book, I messaged my bestie and told I was scared, but “going in.” I sat down to read a little before bed and ended up staying up finishing. Alison’s writing is real, raw and emotional. In just a few pages I fell in love with her characters, but by the end my heart was breaking for the real people who live these experiences daily. 

Stop! is a story three young college students just trying to really live their lives. Hollis is a beautiful girl who’s face was disfigured after an accident the summer before her senior year. Fisher is the perfect guy on the outside, but his character just proves nothing is as perfect as it seems. Benton is just trying to own who he is and let me tell you, that is real life. Everyday people put on a mask of who they are supposed to be, afraid to be themselves. Stop! allows us to follow these students through their struggles of adolescence and like real life it isn’t always pretty. 

What I really loved about this story: it made me think. I genuinely hope I am not alone, because everyone has struggles and needs kindness and acceptance to be themselves. So this review is probably more than you bargained for, but this book is MORE.

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  1. I love a new reader! Thank you for the great review. The post looks fantastic. I appreciate you taking the time. Have a great day. ~Alison