June 17, 2015

Spotlight - Meet Me in the Dark by JA Huss

A Love Affair

Sydney Channing and Merric Case love to hate each other in MEET ME IN THE DARK
He's empty, inhuman, dishonest and cruel. She's never wanted anyone more.

Sydney and Merc hate each other and when I say hate each other I mean they try to kill one another. They absolutely do not have a conventional relationship but it works for them.  It isn't perfect by any means. They just get each other. They both have been through hell and back and have a lot to overcome but with each others help they can overcome any obstacle. Just like them they are survivors and so is their love. 

A real man knows how to treat a woman softly.” - Case

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If you have not met Sydney and Merc yet, here is the link to MEET ME IN THE DARK.

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