August 27, 2015

Review - Before We Were Strangers by Renee Carlino

This story, the heartbreak and utter devastation I felt for these characters. For real, my heart just broke for them! The story is told in three parts: Present, Past, Present.

The first present shows where Matt is now, he is working for National Geogaphic, divorced and pretty miserable for the most part. Despite his career success he is not happy with how his life has turned out. When sees Grace, the girl that got away, getting on the subway the light turns back on. Despite it being fifteen years he cannot stop thinking about her.

The story then leads us into the past, from here we get to see Matt and Grace. They met at the beginning of their senior year of college when they became neighbors. They had this immediate connection and became best friends, eventually lovers. I loved young Grace and Matt. Their love for each other was so apparent I was heartbroken for the time they spent apart.

The second present shows when Grace and Matt reconnect. I loved how things unfolded, but again my heartbreak was just too raw for the things that happened from here. I wanted more during this part. I wanted less problems and more connection. I know that is probably just me being greedy, but my heart, the feels, I could barely handle it!

I highly recommend this read and most of my friends have given this story 5 stars and I can completely see where they are coming from. However, I can handle miscommunications, but this miscommunication was too huge. I found it unbelievable that some things would be kept secret in the real world. I am also torn because I don’t love when people try to make my books like real world, I read fiction because I love the fantasy world. However, the rest of the story just felt too real, so I have to take into account how unrealistic this one part is. So while I love this story and do recommend it, that’s my only reason for the 4 stars vs 5.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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