August 3, 2015

Review - Just One Lie by Kyra Davis

Just One Lie is the second book in the Just One Night Series, but since the stories focus on different people/couples it can be read as a standalone. I read Just One Lie as a standalone and was able to enjoy and understand everything. Although, now I definitely want to read Kasie and Robert’s story now!

The story begins in 1999, minutes before Y2K to be exact and I was immediately hooked. Mercy is the lead singer in a band and is performing that night when she sees Ash again, her ex. Ash is an upcoming actor and completely unreliable, but when he decides he wants to be exclusive Mercy is so taken with the idea that he wants her, she agrees.

We also immediately meet Brad, he is the new drummer in the band. While he is a rock star in his own right there is something different about him. He doesn’t fit the mold of a rock star. Despite being in a relationship with Ash, Brad makes her feel things on a whole other level.

This isn’t always an easy story to read, as a reader it’s easy to see what Mercy should do, the path she should choose. Much like in real life, as an outsider you can always see what would be best and it’s completely frustrating to watch someone self-destruct. Since the story spans 15 years it feels like you are literally watching/living the pain with Mercy. My heart completely broke for her. I wanted more for her, I wanted her to see what she could be, the life she deserved and could have.

I love a story that makes you feel and while this story is insanely hot, what really got me was the feels. The way I attached myself to the characters and began cheering for them. It’s crazy how Davis’s writing completely entraps you and owns your thoughts. I couldn’t wait to turn the page and see what happened next. I wanted to know Mercy’s past just as much as I wanted to know her future. I highly recommend Just One Lie.

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