August 25, 2015

Review - Sustained by Emma Chase

My 5 Star Review

Not many authors can write laugh out loud funny and sinfully sexy in the same book, let alone paragraph. Emma Chase's writing continues to blow me away in Sustained, it's intelligent, witty and perfectly romantic.

Jake Becker is a successful, sexy attorney and a loner. He knows what he wants and the path he needs to take to get to it. When an STD scares him straight he decides to start "talking" to woman and getting to know them before going all the way. He isn't open to committing to anyone, but he can decides a date or two won't hurt.

Chelsea's entire life changed in an instant. She is no longer the twenty-six year old graduate student, now she is the legal guardian to six children, her nieces and nephews. When her brother dies she doesn't hesitate to fly across the country to be with her family. She is committed to these kids and their happiness.

Jake and Chelsea together was perfection. They balanced each other out and gave each other peace and stability. Physically, holy schnikies batman, this book is hot! Jake Becker is perfection. I loved seeing these two finally open up to each other. I liked seeing Jake open up and learn to trust.

Now these children, they are complete handful, but they also show that the juice is worth the squeeze. This isn't the life Chelsea or Jake planned for themselves, but these kids add so much value and depth to them. They make them better people. I was so impressed with each of their characters and the development behind their personalities.

So many times I had to stop myself from saying "this was my favorite part" because there are so many scenes/moments in this book I adored. I am not sure I can pick a favorite just to say this entire book is perfection. If you want a swoon worthy, sexy, sweet, funny - all of the above, read this book. Sustained is Emma Chase's best work yet, her characters are perfectly developed and felt real to me. I can't recommend this book enough!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 


  1. Love your review! Sounds like a great and fun book!!

  2. Thank you
    emma chase books are always fun