August 25, 2015

Review - Worth It by Linda Kage

Worth It by Linda Kage 

(Forbidden Men #6) 
Publication date: August 25th 2015
Genres: Contemporary, New Adult, Romance

I fell in love once.
It was amazing. She was amazing. Life was amazing.
I lived for each time I could see her, and nothing else mattered, not that our families were enemies, our time together was forbidden, or we had to meet in secret.
Our love could conquer all.
Until it didn’t.
So I was ripped away from the love of my life and shoved into hell, forced to continue without her.
It shattered me, broke the best parts of me, left me permanently damaged.
Or so I thought.
Years later, I swear history’s trying to repeat itself because she’s back in my life, and I’m just as drawn to her as I was before. But I’m older and wiser now, and I know she should stay away from a worthless piece of ex-con like me.
So, I will not let her in. I absolutely refuse to hurt her. I will keep her away.
Then again, sometimes risking your greatest fear to get to a smile makes everything worth it, and besides, I’m not sure I can resist her, anyway.
This is the story of how Felicity Bainbridge changed my life forever, starting one summer day long ago after I was forced to change a dirty diaper…
–Knox Parker


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    Linda is a contemporary romance author from the midwestern USA, where she lives with her wonderful husband, daughter, and nine cuckoo clocks. The eighth and final child of dairy farmers, she was forced into having a vivid imagination if she ever wanted to do something one of her siblings hadn't already tried. Feel free to visit her at her website:

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    My 5 Star Review

    “I think the worth of a person comes more from who you are and less from what you are.”

    The Forbidden Men Series is a must read for me and I will openly admit to completely stalking Linda Kage to see when her next book will be releasing. I had no idea what to expect from Knox or how he story would play out, but this story, OMG the feels. I loved it!

    Knox and Felicity are from completely different worlds, but literally live acres apart. Felicity family is town royalty and very wealthy. Knox's family is known as white trash and poor. Despite being neighbors their worlds were never supposed to collide until Knox’s sister got pregnant by Felicity’s brother. Now this doesn’t change the feelings the families have for each other, but it does bring Knox and Felicity together.

    Knox is eighteen, the oldest in his family and takes his responsibility of taking care of his siblings seriously. Felicity is sixteen and a loner. She doesn’t have a lot of friends and spends most of her time reading. We meet and get to know Knox and Felicity over one summer. During that summer they fall in love and have a secret, forbidden romance. Towards the end of the summer they are caught and circumstances take them apart.

    Six years later Knox starts working at Forbidden and meets Felicity again. Years later they don’t have the same things dividing them, but overcoming their past, heartache, and differences still proves to be difficult.

    Ugh, this series, seriously it’s one of my favorites ever. Every book I fall more in love with these guys! I loved Knox and Felicity’s connection and I loved seeing them fall in love both times. I also absolutely loved how these guys look out for each other. They are loyal and always have each other’s back.

    Linda Kage continues to amaze me with her variations of forbidden love. This is one series I love so much I wish I could read them all again for the first time. Knox and Felicity are the perfect addition to the gang and I cannot wait to see what happens next with Asher.

    ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.