September 8, 2015

Review - Sacked by Jen Frederick


I lock my legs to keep from falling over and pull out the biggest barrel I have. “Masters, there are things about me that if you knew you wouldn’t want to spend another minute in my presence.” 

He considers my words, the silence taking on a heaviness and part of me already aches for what I could have if I was just any other girl at Western. “Have you killed anyone?” he finally asks. I can feel his eyes assessing me and I keep my gaze averted afraid of what 

I’ll see in his moss green gaze.


“Have you slept with my brother?”
“What?” I can’t prevent myself from gawking at Masters, who’s smiling as he asks the question. “No! God, I’ve never even met him!”

“Are you catfishing poor athletes from Auburn? Wait, don’t answer that because I don’t think I’d find that objectionable. Oh, I have it—” He snaps his fingers. 

“This isn’t a joke, Masters.”  

He tucks a stray piece of hair behind my ear. “Until you tell me what it is, it’s not a reason to be apart either.”

I suck in my lower lip to prevent throwing myself at him and telling him to take me. 

“Why?” I ask helplessly.

“Because I like you.”

He grips me by the chin and lays down gentlest, sweetest kiss. In that kiss he tells me everything. That he wants me. That he’s willing to take it slow. That he’s not giving up. 

He kisses me as if this is the only thing he wants to do for the next ten hours.

His lips barely move but I can feel everything in me surge toward him. The short wedges 
I shoved on this morning suddenly feel precarious. I grip his shoulders to steady myself and then find myself rising up on my tiptoes to press deeper against him. He hauls me flush against him until I can no longer touch the floor.

His one hand palms nearly my entire back while the other angles my head for better access. He may be a virgin, but the guy knows how to kiss. His tongue is finding places inside my mouth that I didn’t even know would feel good. 

All the pent up desire that has been boiling in me for days comes pouring out of me. I attack him with my next kiss, biting his lower lip, sucking on his tongue.  Against my belly I can feel the hard ridge of his erection. 

“God,” I breathe as he abandons my mouth to trace the line of my jaw with his lips. He growls in response and pushes me back against the bookcases but I don’t even mind that the shelves are biting into my back. I just want more.

And he gives it to me. We cling to each other, feeding off of each other’s seemingly endless need until I hear a gasp and then a muted giggle. And those two faint sounds somehow manage to break through the haze of lust and bring with it the realization that 

I am in a very public place. I wriggle against him and he sets me down reluctantly. 

“We’re in the bookstore,” I say in a scandalized voice. 

“You’ve never kissed a guy in the bookstore before?” He grins, the wicked mischievous one I’m beginning to associate with something tremendously naughty. “There’s a first time for everything.”

My Review

I am not a huge sports fan, I am a reader. I will openly admit to being that annoying person reading in the stands while my husband cheers on his team. However, I do love sports books, especially on the collegiate level. I love comradery and joking between the teammates. I love the excitement and built in angst of the games and their outcomes. So while, I am not a sports fan, I do love the books! Jen Frederick did an exceptional job with Sacked!

Knox Masters is the man on campus, he is a legend amongst college athletes, big man on campus and a virgin. He isn’t waiting for religious reasons or even the right girl, no he started waiting because he didn’t need the distraction while playing football. Then it just became who he was and he didn’t want to ruin a good thing. That is until he met Ellie.

Ellie isn’t a virgin, she is just a regular girl who is used to living in the shadows of her brother. Jack, Ellie’s brother, is also a football player and Ellie’s best friend. They are super close and always looking out and protecting each other. Ellie doesn’t date football players anymore, so despite her immediate attraction to Knox she is not interested in more.

Ellie and Knox are definitely a case of insta-love, BUT I didn’t even care. Yes, this book is a little cheesy, BUT I didn’t even care. It was also so much freaking fun to read, had me smiling so hard and falling completely in love with the characters. Ellie and Knox make mistakes, but I always felt they had the best of intentions. Together they were the perfect match. Despite her ban on dating players, Ellie is a huge fan of the sport. They had such easy conversation and banter. Ellie understood Knox, my only complaint is Ellie didn’t really give Knox a chance to understand her. I would have liked to have seen her open up and trust him more once their relationship began developing.

Regardless, I obviously highly recommend this read. It’s so much fun, sexy and had tons of five star moments. I loved Knox and Ellie, but I am dying for more from these guys. I am desperately hoping for stories from the other guys!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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