September 14, 2015

Sexy by JA Huss

By JA Huss
Romantic Comedy
Published 9-9-15

Fletcher Novak is Sexy.
Fletch has charm, Fletch has charisma, and Fletch has moves. He turns dreams into reality two nights a week, baring his body to lonely women, bored housewives, and bachelorettes looking for that one last good time. He’s into one-night stands, one-time things, and he never, ever gets serious.

Tiffy Preston is looking for commitment.
A billionaire’s daughter with the world at her fingertips, Tiffy’s in Lake Tahoe to take over her father’s hotel and clean up the Mountain Men Male Revue Show. She’s well-bred, polite, and hates everything Fletcher represents.

But Fletcher offers Tiffy something she can’t refuse—total satisfaction and the man of her dreams. All she has to do is… everything he tells her.

Because Sexy doesn’t sell… it’s for sale.

Sexy is a full-length, standalone novel by New York Times Bestselling author, JA Huss.


TRAILER (New Long Version):


SALE INFO (graphic provided):
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“Mr. Novak,” Amy, the resort manager, says in her businesslike tone, “there was a meeting this afternoon. I had it on your calendar and you missed it. I’m sure, as always, you have a good reason for that? I expect to hear it tomorrow at nine AM sharp.” She pauses for a moment to sigh. “And Fletcher, just so you know, it had better be monumental.”
There’s a click and the computer voice starts giving me options before I can disconnect the call.
Fucking management. I hate that corporate shit they do. And I hate these monthly meetings even more. But I have a show to do, so I push it away and head back downstairs. The ordinarily quick lift takes a few minutes and is filled with rich, drunk gamblers by the time it gets to my floor, so when I finally walk back through the stage door, Chandler is already calling my name.
“Fletcherrrrrrr…” he roars above the crowd of cheers.
“You’re late again, bro,” Bill says, walking by with his costume in his hand, sweat falling down his face after his dance routine. His hard body is rippled with muscles and his wet-look thong is stuffed with dollars.
But I’m a professional, remember?
I take the small set of stairs two at a time and push the curtain aside, just as Chandler says my name again. His expression is one of annoyance as he looks at the curtain, but then he realizes I’m here and it turns to relief. “Novakkkkkk…” he says, placing the mic in the stand and walking off stage on the opposite side.
I throw up my arms, allowing the tight white t-shirt to stretch across my chest and rise up from the waistband of my tattered jeans a little. The spotlight flashes directly overhead—just one brief tease of what’s to come—and the audience goes wild at that little bit of skin. But before they can do anything else, the stage goes dark again and the music starts bumping.
I don’t talk on stage. No one wants to hear what I’ve got to say. They only want to see what I can do with this body. Hardened from years of sports and diligent gym visits. Lean muscles accentuated with a grace that you only get with a decade or more of martial arts training. That’s all they want. That’s all they see. I’m just something to look at when I’m up here.
So I give them exactly what they expect. A show.
I start dancing, my hips moving to the beat of the song. Another flash of light from above. Another round of screams. And then silence as I freeze.
Whistles and catcalls start. But I hold my pose—fingertips on the back of my shirt, ready to oblige their insatiable need for the sight of bare flesh tonight. Then another flash. I drag the shirt up in that brief glimpse, and then darkness mimics my pause. The next flash they see my abs, the dream six-pack that’s mostly genetics, but I do my share of crunches. Then another flash and I give them the pecs, flexing the muscles and making them dance a little. And in that final flash, I rip the shirt over my head.
The front row stands, waving their dollar bills in the air, begging to shower me with money.
I twirl the shirt several times, taking in the throngs of women with their hands up, ready to catch the prize, and then throw it to a little redhead just as all the lights come on to the beat of the bass. I train my eyes on the crowd, ready to start the real show, and then the lights switch from me to them, lighting up their faces—red with the heat of five hundred woman jostling for position in the room. All of them there for me in this moment. It pans to the left side, and I use those three seconds to search for my star. Then down the middle. My eyes train on a woman in a light-colored suit sitting dead center before I lose her in the darkness and switch to the right side.
But she’s the one. She’s my star tonight. And she has no idea how hard I’m about to rock her world.

My 5 Star Review

“Life is a game and everyone’s a player. Whether you believe it or not, the only thing that matters is the score.”

Tiffy Preston is a lot of girls I know. She is independent, intelligent, beautiful, but still struggles with her self-esteem. I think most woman know their strengths, but it only takes one bad encounter to make us feel like we are less or unwanted. So while Tiffy has all these amazing qualities and is this insanely strong woman she still feels lacking because her business partner continues to ignore her advances. 

Fletcher Novak is selling sexy. He knows what men want and he knows how to coach a woman to be every man’s fantasy. Working as a male stripper at a Colorado resort he is on last leg when Tiffy Preston shows up to fire him. He decides to save himself he will help her. While it completely out of character for Tiffy to ever be interested in what Fletcher is selling, she takes the bait when offered. 

At first glance, Fletcher and Tiffy seem to be complete opposites. You immediately think of Fletch as a male stripper, womanizer and only interested in himself. Tiffy classy, a control freak, who prides herself on being independent. The sex appeal and chemistry is there and that’s all it takes for their relationship to blossom into more. 

I actually loved the depth of heart and how we learned so much about these characters. I loved seeing their motives and learning I underestimated them. Neither are exactly what they seem and they have so much more in common. They are both afraid of not living up to their potential, of failing their families and they both desperately want real love. 

Over the past few years I have come to expect the unexpected from JA Huss. I expect to be completely shocked by a twist or her characters actions. So I was even more shocked when I finished Sexy and realized it was just the perfect, sweet, sexy, fun, light hearted standalone. I feel like it was exactly what we needed after concluding the Company Series. This book is perfect when you are looking for a sexy, light read, and dare I say a standalone. 

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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