October 15, 2015

Book Boyfriend of the Week - Lev Leokov

Lev Leokov is from Belle Aurora's new book Lev. 

I absolutely adored this guy, like for real! He is so different from most heroes, but that just increased my love for him. Lev has difficulty reading the emotions of others, expressing his own emotions and feeling emotion. You learn why when you read Lev, no spoilers here. Let me just tell you it will only make you fall harder. 

Lev saves Mina and provides her with security and stability, but what really has Mina falling in love is the way he interacts with those he loves. This guy is a mob type, rough around the edges, but you almost forget it while reading. Then it comes out and I was all like holy shit, this guy can't get any hotter.

My 5 Star Review 

Mina has been homeless since she was seventeen years old. We first meet her when she is twentyfour and on the brink of starvation. She is literally at the end of her rope and is willing to do anything just to survive. That’s why she decides to enter a gentlemen’s club and steal an unsuspecting man’s wallet. 


Lev isn’t like other people. He is completely honest and upfront, but cannot read other’s emotions. This usually leads to him being brass and sometimes hurtful. I happened to love this quality and always knowing his sincerity. I felt like I was able to really understand and know Lev, if he said it was true. I loved being able to see his intentions and knowing his motives. 


Lev is who catches Mina when she is the process of stealing the money from his wallet. In that moment Lev decides to offer her an out. He offers to let her leave, call the police, or a job and food. Mina chooses the job and a meal, but when Lev realizes Mina is homeless he offers her a place to stay. There is just something about Mina and Lev feels he needs to protect her. 

“The girl had unexpectedly become my responsibility.” 

Mina and Lev together have this amazing connection. Mina understands Lev and treats him like everyone else. She knows how to get to him and balance him out. Lev provides Mina with something she has been lacking for years: security. I loved Mina and Lev’s story, it honestly made me so excited and anxious to turn the page. 

I love the background story with club, Lev’s family and the rival family. I felt like it added a lot of value and made me so eager for their books. If you are a fan of love stories with suspense and steam this is the book for you. I highly recommend Lev. It had some of my favorite surprises and had me smiling from ear to ear!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

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