October 14, 2015

Review - Feisty Princess by Michelle A. Valentine

Feisty Princess is the second book in the three part series A Sexy Manhattan Fairytale. When we last left King and Margo they had just gotten married in Vegas and were at each others throats. See these two do not get along, they hate each other with a passion or do they?

Alexander is always a man with a plan and annulling his marriage as soon as possible is his first plan. He doesn’t need his Vegas shenanigans getting back to his Board of Directors. He doesn’t think annulling the marriage will be an issue until he learns it won’t be so easy since they consummated the marriage. After realizing this little “problem” won’t just go away he has to take an alternate route. Now he must convince the board and the general public the marriage is real. 

Margo is a strong, independent and intelligent woman. She doesn’t plan to just follow through without something in return. King makes an offer that Margo cannot refuse, but what happens when they both get more than the bargained for.

This series just keeps getting better! In Naughty King I fell for King and loved the sexiness and intrigue. Feisty Princess just increased my intrigue and the ending made me squee with excitement! These characters are seriously so fun, they are so much alike that it hinders their relationship, both are stubborn and competitive. I love how Michelle has developed characters who are both strong willed and determined, but not annoying. I am completely sold on this series and just need more!!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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