October 28, 2015

Review - The Queen by Tiffany Reisz

5 Absolutely Love Stars!

This is by far one of my favorite series of all time and I am so sad to see it end, but I think Reisz wrapped up this series perfectly. Throughout The White Years Reisz has taken us on a journey of the past, so that we can understand how our “nonnegotiables” became who they are.

“You’ve always been a queen in my eyes. Especially now.”

We have watched Eleanor in all the facets and time periods in her life and The Queen focuses on her becoming a known as The Queen of The Eighth Circle, her time as a dominatrix. The story picks up with Nora returning to Kingsley after her time at the Convent. She is still not speaking to Søren, something both King and her have in common. King begins training her and brings in an expert: Søren.

Let me tell you my heart stopped when Nora saw Søren again. If you follow the series, it isn’t a spoiler to know they do not immediately rekindle. However, I absolutely loved seeing the love, sacrifice and devotion these two have for each other. It was never more evident than in The Queen.

Søren and Nora have never been your typical couple, but it works for them. When I was first introduced to them I was at a lost for just how unique this story line is and their connection, but now I can’t imagine a different world for them. Regardless, I love seeing these special moments were you just know their love is more, it’s not easy, it’s more than sexual, it’s real, unwavering love!

I think Reisz is one of the most talented writers and so freaking intelligent. I love the symbolism and how all her words have meaning and substance. So of course in perfect fashion, The Queen brings us all the way back to the beginning with Nora meeting Wes. When it was all over, I tiered up and then wanted to immediately jump right back into the beginning with The Siren.

If you have not read this series I cannot recommend it enough. Yes, it’s not your typical love story, so it’s not for everyone and I get that. However, if you love stories about real, unconditional love, with lots of sexiness and BDSM this is for you. This series is original, sexy, humorous and full of heart. I know I am probably over emotional, but even as I write this review I want to cry. I never want to say goodbye to Søren, Kingsley and Nora they are some of my favorite characters ever written!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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