October 5, 2015

Review - Suite 269 by Christine Zolendz

I love being surprised and I love when a book is just more. Suite 269 is definitely more. I started this one thinking it was a steamy read about exploring your fantasies, which it is. However, what I really loved is the romance and love story between Jameson and Lexa. 

"You want to experiment and find yourself. I want to fuck you like you like I’ve never wanted to fuck anyone before.”

Lexa Novak is a fact checker for InTrend Magazine and engaged to the mail guy, Trevor. The night of her bachelorette party she finds out Trevor sleeping with one of their coworkers. In one minute her life as she knew it completely unravels, Lexa has to decide what to do now. Forgive Trevor or call off the wedding. 

Jameson Holt’s father owns InTrend Magazine. The magazine has been struggling for years and they are torn about what to do with the publication. During a conference Jameson finally really sees Lexa. It isn’t a case of love at first sight, it’s lust. 

Jameson and Lexa develop this flirtatious and that’s all it really is at first. I loved these moments between the two of them. The text messages between Lexa and Jameson made me actually laugh out loud. I loved their relationship. I loved how it was fun and easy. There is this underlying chemistry, but neither really move on their feelings. Jameson isn’t sure what Lexa is going to do or wants. Lexa knows Jameson isn’t interested in a real relationship, regardless she is knows she is too unsure of herself for that. 

Jameson decides to proposition Lexa. He isn’t interested in more, but can’t pass up the chance to have her. Jameson selflessly offers to help Lexa explore all her fantasies. Three weeks, no commitments, just for her pleasure. 

As I said I was just expecting this steamy read and I am so happy with how much more it was. I loved Jameson and Lexa’s connection. I love how they developed a friendship first. I loved seeing the build up and flirting. I also love the added angst and twists. It wasn’t too over the top, just more. I highly recommend Suite 269 if you are looking for something sweet, fun, flirty and sexy!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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