November 23, 2015

Review - Denial by Lisa Renee Jones

Unexpected greatness. That is exactly what Denial was. From the very beginning I was drawn in and in the end I was left dying for more.

Can you imagine waking up in a foreign country with no recollection of who you are, not even knowing the most basic facts about yourself. That’s exactly what happened to Ella, the heroine, when she woke up in Italy. She was attacked in an alley and left with temporary amnesia. When she wakes up it is to Kayden, the guy who saved her life.

This story seriously took me on such an emotional journey and made me a nervous wreck, in a good way. I read this in one sitting, because I absolutely had to know what happened. Ella is this lost girl and has no idea who she can trust or if she can even trust her own instincts.

Kayden is this beautiful man, who has come to her rescue, but Ella still can’t understand why. As I read the story I loved Kayden, but to be honest I am not even sure of his motives and intentions. That’s my favorite part of Denial. I was completely wrapped up in this story and even days later I am still thinking about it.

I cannot recommend this read enough, if you are a fan of romantic suspense this one is definitely for you! Denial will grab you immediately, have you completely engaged and leave you begging for more. I will be anxiously stalking the sequel to Denial!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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