November 2, 2015

Review - The Game Plan by Kristen Callahan

My 5 Star Review 

If you are looking for fun, look no further. If you are looking for heart, look no further. If you are looking for sexy, look no further. Long story short, this series/book is a must read! I honestly love these types of stories and Callihan knows how to deliver every time.

Ethan Dexter is big, strong, burly, bearded, a professional NFL player and a virgin. He also has a secret crush on Fiona Mackenzie, Ivy’s sister. So of course when Gray invites him to visit him for a week he jumps at the chance, especially after he learns Fi will be there, too.

Fiona is only visiting for a week and lives in New York, plus she doesn’t date football players. But she also doesn’t expect to be attracted to one either, especially so attracted she is willing to dry hump him in a bar. Yes, this happens and I was so freaking excited. Despite Ethan being a virgin the story is super-hot! I also loved how Callihan used Ethan's virgin in the plot, it added an unexpected twist and kept the story moving. 

Fi may try to fight her feelings for Ethan, but Ethan is ready to jump right in. Let me tell you, I loved it! Ethan is totally swoon worthy and the perfect hero. I loved how he was honest and open, but not a pushover. He knew what he wanted, but wasn’t going to change who he was as a person to get it.

I also love how there wasn’t drama for the sake of drama. Obviously there was drama in the story, there has to be, but it was all resolved timely and really just helped the story move. I especially love how Ethan and Fi react like normal people and communicated. I know I am just rambling now about the things I loved, but seriously this story just hit something with me. 

If love NA you have to read this series, it’s super fun, full of heart and will not disappoint!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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