November 3, 2015

Review - Hard Beat by K. Bromberg

My 5 Star Review

I am sure this is hard for everyone to believe, but this is my first book by K. Bromberg. So that answers the question of whether or not it can be read as a standalone. HOWEVER, after reading HardBeat I am kicking myself for not reading her books sooner. 

Hard Beat is told from Tanner Thomas’s point of view. I love books told from a male point of view, when well executed and this one definitely was. It was fun being in a man’s head and not knowing all the secrets and intentions of the heroine. 

Tanner Thomas is a reporter who just lost his best friend and photographer. After months of feeling like half the man he was before he begs to go back to the Middle East and begin reporting again. Beaux Croslyn is a rookie photographer hired to work with Tanner. She arrives ready to prove herself, but ends up setting herself up for trouble. 

She doesn’t intend to sleep with her knew coworker, but once it happens there is no going back. She is attracted to him and wants more, even though she knows it can’t end well. These two together is like watching a tennis match, there is bickering and a lot of back and forth, but I was rooting for them the wholetime. 

This isn’t your typical romance, don’t get me wrong I was completely into their love story and seeing them fall for each other. But I absolutely couldn’t put down the story because of the mystery and questions I had looming in my mind as I read. Then as things unfolded I felt my heart stop and at that point I knew I wouldn’t be putting this story down until I finished. 

Hard Beat is a fast paced and sexy read, but I am not even kidding when I tell you the suspense side of the story had me completely messed up. I am so impressed with Bromberg’s ability to write a love story that is swoon worthy, but also so suspenseful I was dying for more. As I said I am 100% sold on this series and cannot wait to read more! 

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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