November 16, 2015

Review - More than Enough by Jay McLean

This is one of my all-time favorite series and I know this hard to believe, but my favorite in the series. Dylan Banks is something so incredibly special to me and now my favorite More Man. I know, I know this is a huge deal, because I have loved all these guys so hard, but Dylan is More than Enough for me. He is more than I expected and I can honestly say Dylan was worth the wait. 

Because pretty girls have ugly hearts, and I’ve had enough of both.

Throughout the series I have never paid a ton of attention to Dylan. He was always wrapped up in drama and I am not a fan of drama, but from the beginning of More than Enough I fell in love. I fell in love with the selfless, broken boy who saw he could do more and did. When the story begins Dylan is returning home from war and is injured. He is dealing with nightmares, guilt and a sense of failure, but that does stop him from going above and beyond to help someone else. 

Dylan’s love interest has experienced great loss and is still struggling when Dylan arrives home. I absolutely loved how Dylan was there for her when she needed him, but when she needed to step up she didn’t hesitate. Both of them were selfless in their love, but imperfect, realistic characters. Like all of Jay’s stories there wasn’t any insta-love, their connection took time to develop and there were definitely growing pains. 

It’s the slowest form of slow dance. The passionate act of foreplay.

This isn’t just my favorite in the More Series but, it’s one of my favorites I read this year. I love how despite this being a long story I couldn’t get enough. I love how when I finished I was still thinking about it and wanting to tell the world how fantastic it is. I loved how it made me feel, it was a roller coaster of emotions and once I got started I couldn’t stop. I was completely engaged and felt everything the characters felt. 

More than Enough had Jay’s signature More style. I loved seeing the rest of the Mayhem Group and having them share in the highs and lows. I love the “family” they have formed and how they are always there when they need each other. I loved the book comments that any book lover can recognize, they always make me smile or laugh out loud. I loved how the story was light and fun, but also had so much depth and heart. It was the perfect mix and in the end there was nothing I would change. 

Jay McLean has quickly become one of my favorite authors. It’s kind of like your relationship with your significant other, you think you love them in the beginning, but after years together you realize your love only grows. Same with Jay, I thought I loved her books in the beginning, but every book I read I realize my love for her stories multiples. Her stories are unique, emotional and entertaining. I highly recommend. 

It was in each other. We found the horizon. He found his calm. And I found my reality. 

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  1. I agree with your thoughts on Dylan. This book was the first chance we got to know Dylan separate from Heidi. He was always in the background, and there was so much to learn about him. The Banks men were just so there for each other. The bonds between them were so strong, and it was great to have the whole Mayhem family back together again. I am going to miss them all!