December 16, 2015

Review - Happily Ever After by JA Huss

Hello perfection. The Rook and Ronin Series is where I initially fell in love with Julie’s writing. Ronin, Ford and Spencer are some of my most favorite characters ever. I loved watching them fall in love with their significant others just as much as I loved the unpredictable suspense in the plots. 

HEA truly is a gift to the fans of this series. There aren't any guns, crazy plots twists or suspenseful moments, the story fast forwards 15 years and shows us where our favorite couples are at in their lives. 

My absolute favorite couple and one of my ultimate book boyfriends is Rutherford Aston, Ford. So while I loved catching up with everyone I was absolutely captivated by his family. Kate and Five have these perfect Ford qualities and I loved reading about them. I especially loved seeing a teenage Five and his princess Rory. 

I know he’s always liked her, but he’s so weird. Like Ford, just weird.

This novella, extended epilogue, whatever you want to call is perfect and will have you wanting more and more. I know these couples have had their story, but reading this just made me want Julie to continue on and on forever. I am so excited Five and Rory will be getting their full grownup story in 2016 and I am begging that Julie continue you on and give other children a story, eh-em Oliver! 

This novella had me tearing up thinking about how far some the couples have come, laughing at them getting a dose of their own medicine and smiling from ear to ear at the perfect ending to one of my favorite series. 

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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