December 15, 2015

Review - Love: Uuncivilized

Confession time, when I signed up to read and review this book I didn’t realize it was a novella to another story. I just knew it was Sawyer Bennett and I love her writing, so I signed up immediately. That being said, I loved it and now I just want to read Moira and Zach’s story.

Love: Uncivilized picks up with Zach and Moira eight years later. They are married with children, living the dream and their happily ever after. Look I am not a fan of stories like this, I prefer to go into my bubble and pretend that things are always good and happy in my romances. So, I was crazy nervous to read this – even knowing I hadn’t read their original story – I still wanted to my happily ever after.

I was completely wrong in my fear, because this story just made this couple more endearing and real to me. I completely fell in love with these two. Moira and Zach are not perfect. They have insecurities and issues, but I loved how they worked through them and in the end choose to fight. I love how despite their issues they never questioned their love and commitment to each other and their family.

This novella was absolutely perfect and I do think reading Uncivilized first would just make me love it so much more. So while you can read it as a standalone, I will warn you, it will definitely have you reaching for their original story!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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