December 29, 2015

Review - Mastered by Maya Banks

Evangeline has just been dumped and humiliated by her boyfriend. To make matters worse he breaks up with her and criticizes her after taking her virginity. Her friends offer her a VIP pass to the hottest club in NYC, Impulse, and concoct a plan for her to run into her ex looking perfect, so he can realize what he is missing. Like all good plans they don’t exactly workout as perfectly and instead of begging for forgiveness he attacks her. 

Drake is a successful business man and owner of Impulse, he is immediately drawn to Evangeline. She is beautiful, but way too innocent to be in a club like Impulse. Since she already has his attention he watches Evangeline’s ex and immediately intervenes. After saving and interacting with Evangeline, Drake decides he wants Evangeline as a submissive. 

Evangeline is completely clueless to this world, but decides to give Drake a chance, to do something for herself and live a little. I don’t care how many times this plot line is run there is something about these stories I just love. While I did enjoy Mastered I didn’t love it like I usually do. I am not sure if it is just timing or me, but Evangeline was so weak throughout the majority of the story. 

Drake was this domineering force in the beginning, but when it came to Evangeline he was constantly cowering to her. Don’t get me wrong it is a fantastic trait in a character, but it just didn’t fit with the idea I had in my head. I felt like Drake would act on something, then had to constantly explain and reassure Evangeline.

Obviously I enjoyed Mastered and I am very eager for the rest of their story, but when you go into a story expecting one thing and get another it just throws you off sometimes. This is one of those cases and I am sure other readers will not be as distracted by these things. 

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 


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