December 29, 2015

Review - Restless Waters by Jessica Park

I have struggled with this review, my rating and my thoughts on this book from the very beginning. To be honest, I was psyched to read this one ever since my bestie sent me the cover. I wasn’t sure what the synopsis was, but I was ready to jump in, since I absolutely loved Left Drowning.

The story picks with everyone in Maine for the summer, but the summer is coming to an end and everyone is going their separate ways. Chris and Blythe will be remaining in Maine, while the other “kids” go back to school, and Sabin starts his own adventure in California. From the very beginning I got a hint of something I didn’t care for (view spoiler) and it stuck with me throughout the entire story. I feel like these feelings ultimately ruined my experience.

The story focuses on Sabin’s issues and how they connect to Chris and Blythe, individually. I felt for Sabin I truly did. At times I felt like Blythe did more to hurt than help and that really disappointed me. After all we went through in Left Drowning I needed Blythe to be better than her actions in Restless Waters. (view spoiler)

Now onto this audiobook, wow, so freaking fantastic! The audiobook has music that accompanies narration and the music is so raw and relative to the story it left me breathless at times. It really conveyed the hurt and longing Sabin felt, which again further aggravated my feelings toward Blythe. See I just keep coming back to it, I am like a broken record here!

If you have stuck with through this review then you see my struggle. I don’t love this story and honestly it took away some of my love from Left Drowning. But the audiobook is probably my most favorite I have ever listened to. So I give the narration and music 5+ Stars and story 3 - 3.5 Stars.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review.

To view spoilers click here to view my Goodreads review.

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