January 19, 2016

Review - Appealed by Emma Chase

Okay, let’s talk about book love, no series love, because I have absolutely loved every book in this series. Appealed is no exception, in my opinion it’s funnier, sexier and absolutely addicting!

For those who have not started this series, I will give you a little background info. Brent is a lawyer and started his own practice with his friends: Sophie, Stanton and Jake. We met them in Overruled and Sustained. Throughout the series I have looked forward to this book. I desperately wanted to know Brent. He was always fun, light hearted and a bit of a man whore, my favorite type of hero.

Brent is at a birthday party at his mother’s request when he is distracted by a beautiful blonde. To his surprise the beauty is Kennedy, his childhood best friend. First, I love plot. I love that they were best friends and grew apart. I am not a fan of second chance romances, I struggle with the reasons for why the couple is separated and usually have difficulty buying into the reason they were not together. That’s why I absolutely adored this book! I loved how they were childhood friends, had one night where they thought it might go further. I could absolutely understand and get their pasts. 

"When I look at you, think about you, I can’t decide if I want to fuck you, strangle you, or just hold you in my arms. Usually all three. And if that’s not love, I don’t know what is.” 

Brent and Kennedy’s reconnection starts off rocky, but I loved it. Kennedy, also a lawyer, is Brent’s opponent. The two have to argue against each other. The build up and sexual tension was hot and at times laugh out loud funny. Chase knows how to write funny and these scenes are some of my favorite. 

“You have the maturity of a 14-year-old boy!“ Kennedy hisses.

"And you have the chest of one.”

As funny as Appealed is, it’s equal parts swoon worthy and romantic. I completely bought into these two's story. I loved how Brent wasn’t going to take no for an answer. I loved how he was a little dominating and whole lot sexy. 

I can’t recommend this series enough and especially Appealed! This one is my favorite, which is a huge deal because I didn’t think anyone could top Jake. There was just something more about Brent. I loved how he had a heart of gold, a dirty mouth and was willing to do anything. If I created the perfect hero he would be Brent Mason. Long story short, read this book, meet Brent and fall in love! 

"She’s always been in my thoughts, even when I didn’t realize it.”

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