January 11, 2016

Review - The Score by Elle Kennedy

Another absolutely perfect addition the the Off-Campus series! Before I begin I have to say if you haven’t started this series, you absolutely should!

The Score is Dean’s story and before I even started I had already fallen in love with the rich, college playboy who doesn’t seem to take anything too seriously. But I must say I really fell in love with him when I realized there was more to the fun, easy going guy. Dean may seem aloof, but he is actually very studious, dedicated and caring. 

Allie is Hannah’s bestie and the enteral romantic. She has gone from relationship to relationship, not because she is afraid of being alone, but because she loves being in love. She loves having someone to share her feelings and just the ins and outs of her day. When The Score begins Allie has just broken up with Sean, her off and on boyfriend of three years. 

Allie finds herself with Dean while avoiding Sean, and the two of them end up hooking up. After one super hot, super steamy night Dean isn’t ready to let Allie go. He isn’t looking for love, just a repeat of the best sex of his life, but Allie isn’t into one night stands. 

“Did you really just take off your shirt?”
“Yeah. I don’t like shirts.”

Allie and Dean’s dynamic together is perfect. Their relationship is laugh out loud funny, swoon worthy and the perfect amount of sexiness. My favorite thing about Elle Kennedy’s stories is the relationship development and the realness you feel while reading. The teasing and ribbing that goes on between the characters adds a lightness to the story and makes you long to know these guys. 

I love how Allie, the queen of relationships, tamed the king of the manwhores, Dean. I never expected Allie to be such an adventurous girl, but the fact that she could give Dean a run for his money had me falling in love with her. I love how neither of the main characters were damaged or had some huge thing to overcome. They were both just growing up and developing. Allie and Dean are not perfect and I liked that best of all, it made them more real to me. 

As I said, this series is one of my favorites and to pick a favorite would be like trying to choose my favorite dog. There are parts and characters I like best, but I think Allie and Dean are the best matched. The Score had tons of feels, but it wasn’t too heavy. I was laughing out loud one minute and waiting for the sexy times to pick up again the next. I was swooning over Dean and my heart breaking in the next. I can’t imagine anything I would change about this story, highly recommend!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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