February 11, 2016

Jock blocked by Jen Frederick

These books are my guilty pleasure, I am not sure what is about these college sports romances, but I can’t get enough! After Sacked I have been anxiously await more from Jen Frederick. 

Matty’s team just won the national championship, so they are enjoying the freedoms and benefits of being a star collegiate athlete. He had it good before, but since they won the title he hasn’t been hearing no. So when he sees the beautiful, anxious, and studious Lucy he decides to engage. 

Luce wants no part of all that goes with dating anyone, especially football players so she turns him down. This isn’t a game, but when Matty hears no, the challenge is on. Regardless Luce isn’t backing down. She lives her life measuring all risks to eliminate fall out and problems in her life. She go out with Matty isn’t worth the risk. 

I how love this story takes off. Two college students who run in different circles, but have connections to each other’s world. I liked how they were both attracted to each other and Matty has to work for it. However, there was many times I was just hoping Luce would give in! I wanted her to give him a break and take a chance. I was also not a fan of Ace and the drama he brought. I don't think it was all necessary at eventually had me so frustrated.

Overall I really enjoyed this one, it was fun, flirty and sexy. I loved watching Matty and Luce together. I could have done without some of the resistance and Ace, but regardless this book is definitely worth reading. It will absolutely feed your college romance addiction!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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