February 21, 2016

Review - Bare Your Soul by Rochelle Paige

Desperate times call for desperate measures, that’s how Morgan finds Angelica. She is about to audition at the strip club he owns because she is beyond desperate for money. 

Angelica is nineteen years old and is all alone in the world now that her mother died from cancer and it has been years since she has seen her father. Angelica decides to take measures into her own hands and make her own future. She needs money so she can go to college and make a life for herself. 

Morgan is a successful businessman and while he has never felt anything more than desire for a woman everything changes when he meets Angelica. One look at Angelica and Morgan must have her. Instead of hiring her to strip he offers her a job as his assistant. This allows Angelica and Morgan a chance to really get to know each other and develop feelings.

Morgan and Angelica’s connection is super quick and yes there is insta-love, but that’s to be expected in short erotic novellas. I did really enjoy the twists and bit of suspense. That being said if you are looking for a quick, sweet, sexy read with a dominating man, I definitely recommend.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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