February 2, 2016

Review - Low by Mary Elizabeth

I read five to seven books per week, so when a book sticks with me and I am still thinking about characters days later it’s huge to me. I read Low in one sitting and days later I was still struggling with my feelings. 

Low isn’t your typical hero or bad boy, because Low isn’t bad, he is desperate. Low’s family has struggled financially his entire life. His father is in prison and he carries so much responsibility for his family. Desperation leads Low to make desperate decisions and he finds himself in prison. 

Posey is Low’s girlfriend and absolute love of his life. She comes from a better family, but decides her loyalty is to Low. During his time in jail Posey starts to plan and build for them, but when he gets out things are still a real struggle. That’s how Low and Poe turn into a modern day Bonnie and Clyde on the run from the law. 

I believe in hard work, sacrifice and dedication, so I am very anti-crime and believe there is always another way. Although, while reading Low I never once questioned their choices, I just felt this overwhelming desire to save them. I knew their hearts and they are good people. I hated the choices they felt they had to make, I hate that the desperation was so strong they didn’t see another way out. 

My heart heart still breaks for these fictional characters, which is crazy! I loved the characters. I love the story development. I love how the story was action packed, but had still had so much heart. Low isn’t like every other book on the market and that’s what I love. I loved that it stays with me. I loved that I could feel the love and chemistry between the characters. I seriously loved everything about this story. 

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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