February 16, 2016

Review - Ten Thousand Words by Kelli Jean

First and foremost Kelli Jean is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. I love reading and most books, but there is something so unique about her writing. I love the way she tells a story and makes you feel it. 

Xanthe is a famous author and while when I manage being successful at something you love is the greatest accomplish, she is struggling. She is struggling with the stigma that comes from the type of stories she writes. She is struggling with people accepting her. She is struggling with her fears and insecurities. All these things just made me love her more, she felt so real and genuine to me. 

Ollie is famous in his own right, as a photographer, but that’s not what brings him into Xanthe’s life. No instead of being the photographer for her book covers, he is asked to be the model. This isn’t something he is happy about and he isn’t afraid to speak his mind. At first, Ollie comes off as an arrogant and self-centered prick, but it didn’t take long for my opinions to begin changing. 

When Ollie and Xanthe’s worlds collide the story just took off and I was completely addicted. I wanted to see what happened next, I wanted to see when the truths would unfold and what would happen. I loved how Kelli introduced the two characters, it was unique, but also added so much depth to the story. 

I loved this plot from the beginning. It pulls you in so quickly and doesn’t let up. It was unpredictable and while the story is longer in length it moved so quickly. Ten Thousand Words was completely unexpected in every way. There was a mystery vibe I didn’t expect, plenty of angst and heart, and absolutely beautifully written. If you haven’t read a book by Kelli Jean yet I definitely recommend. 

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