February 2, 2016

Review - Wicked Sexy Liar by Christina Lauren

A predictable life never changed anyone. 

This is one my most anticipated releases of 2016, I mean Luke and London. I wanted to read this book so badly, but I had no idea I would love it this much. Definitely my favorite in the series so far!

Just a recap, Luke is Mia’s high school boyfriend. So you know Luke doesn’t exactly have the best reputation or history, but he also didn’t do anything wrong. So I was all about Luke finding his happily ever after. London is Lola’s roommate. Okay, now that I have us all caught up. 

London is a fantastic character. She isn’t your typical girlie girl, she surfs and works in a bar. That is where she meets Luke, at work. She immediately draws conclusions about him based on stereotypes and the funniest part is she is mostly right. This only offends Luke and makes him work harder, he is drawn to her no nonsense attitude. I also loved how she wasn’t afraid to put Luke in his place. 

You’ve dialed down the flirtation tonight, but you’re acting like a robot. It’s like you have two settings: pickup artist or awkward. 

London is more comfortable being alone and prefers it to falling into something temporary, fake or being taken used. I loved that London meant what she said, she wasn’t saying what she thought Luke wanted to hear, she is genuine. She is anti-drama and doesn’t play games, but she is still just a regular girl. I don’t fault her for being unable to resist Luke.

I mean Luke is hella hot. I fell pretty freaking hard for him too. Especially when he wasn’t afraid to work for it. I love how Christina Lauren developed Luke’s character. He is your quintessential jock, womanizer, and basically one pick up line after another, but he is also more. I loved that. I also love how we gradually learned more about his character and his actions. It wasn’t just told to us, they sold this in the things Luke did. 

Luke and London originally hook up just for sex. It goes against everything London believes, but Luke convinces her it’s worth it. This night together really sets the stage for everything else. Side note, this is the hardest review because I basically want to spoil everything. I want to tell you why the night was perfect, how it was realistic but better. It was funny, but super hot. But that would be super shitty, because you deserve to enjoy this book for yourself like I did. 

Christina Lauren blew this book out of the water, they exceeded all my expectations. This story is panty melting hot and laugh out loud funny. It is heart warming and full of feels, but also light and fun. This is the type of book that every time I put it down I wanted to pick it back up. I wanted to jump back into Luke and London’s story and when it ended I only wanted more. 

If you are a fan of this series, I think you will be super pleased. I was dying for this book, the hype was up and it exceeded my expectations. I more than recommend this!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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