May 1, 2016

Review - Dirty by Kylie Scott

First, I started this book on vacation, a vacation I was super busy on. The only reason I am mentioning this is to tell you that despite how much fun I was having I still found myself thinking about Dirty and what would happen next. I love when a book hooks me from the beginning and keeps engaged until the very last page!

The story begins on Lydia’s wedding day and she has just discovered her fiance has been cheating on her with his best man. She is humiliated and knows there is no way she can begin to handle his overbearing, intrusive family so she runs. This run leads her into the neighbors yard and then into his house. That’s where she meets Vaughn. 

Vaughn is seriously so sexy, he is laid back and funny - two things I love. I immediately wanted more. I wanted her to forget that loser and just jump into things/anything really with Vaughn. I did love how their relationship began, it was just friends with benefits and just felt real to me. There wasn’t any insta-love and both people continued to live their lives. 

As they began opening up and truly getting to know each other, I was in love. Second, there is a little surprise that made me so freaking excastdic I might have done a little scream. BUT I love this guy, he is one of my most favorite book boyfriends EVER! 

There is just something so special about Kylie Scott’s writing. She creates these awesome worlds you just want to be apart of. As sad as I am to see the Stage Dive series end, I am just as excited for start of the Dive Bar series after reading Dirty. If you are looking for funny, sexy and completely addictive I absolutely recommend jumping in and getting a little Dirty!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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