May 1, 2016

Review - Worth it All by Claudia Connor

The McKinney Brothers is such a sweet and fun series. I was just thinking about them when I heard JT’s book was releasing soon. So obviously, I jumped in as soon as I could. 

JT is the youngest McKinney brother and I remember not loving JT when we met him in prior books, but this book takes place years after the others. He isn’t the cocky football player from his past, now JT is a successful biomedical engineer working to improve the life’s of amputees. Having an amputation himself he is well aware of the struggles and has this huge heart and desire to help other’s realize their potential. 

Paige meets JT at the diner she works and even when JT shows interest she doesn’t think it could turn into anything. Paige is a single mother, working two jobs and in school. She has a plan and a daughter, and those things require her full attention 100% of the time. JT begins to work his way into their lives by offering to help Casey, Paige’s daughter with her prosthesis. 

This story was full of feels for me, full of them! First, I love a book with a single parent. I love how this one played out. Casey and JT actually developed a friendship before he and Paige did. I loved how JT changed this little girl's life and helped her feel accepted. JT with Casey made me fall so in love with this story, but JT and Paige were just as perfect. 

The story is told in dual POV and I felt so connected to both characters since I was able to truly know and see both sides. JT was this strong, successful, handsome and caring man who wanted to help a little girl and her mom. Paige is determined, loving and a great mom, I loved the sacrifices she was willing to make so Casey’s life was better. OMG, Casey, this little girl stole the show and owned my heart. My heart truly felt for this sweet little girl who wanted to be like everyone else. 

Worth it All is by far my favorite in this series and one of my favorite books this year. It doesn’t have this crazy plot twist, but it made me feel. I loved so many aspects of this story, but if have made it to the end of this review, you probably already know that. Long story short, this book is full of feels and heart, it’s sweet and funny, and the connection between Paige and JT felt genuine and real. I absolutely recommend this book!!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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