June 29, 2016

Review - Jackson by Eve Jagger

I stumbled across this series a few months ago and legit fell in love. I love the dynamic between these friends and with each of their stories I love the group even more. Jackson is the fourth book in the series and from what we know of him so far he is so serious. Reading his book I can now say I had no idea just how serious this guy really is. 

See Jackson, like myself, has plans, lists and life goals. I could very easily relate to Jackson. He has established his career and now he is ready to move on with the perfect woman and start a family. He is very meticulous in his dating and only dates women he could see marrying, I swear I really do get this guy!

Skylar is the opposite, she is actually the person I wish I was more like. She is spontaneous, live for the moment and super easy going. As it turns out she used to be like Jackson, until she realized life was short and we are not promised tomorrow. Now she lives for the here and now. 

These two couldn’t be more opposite, but this is a story of opposites attracting. Skylar and Jackson balance each other out perfectly and together make the perfect couple. She is wild and crazy, he is reliable and a little boring. What could be an epic train wreck actually shows them both what they are missing in their lives. This doesn’t come without heartache or drama, but I liked how it all fit together. As you read the story you could see the foreshadowing and their issues seemed relevant. 

I legit enjoy this series so much. It provides me with that easy, relaxed, happy feeling that I love to get when reading. It gives me my romance and sexy time fix without the angst that can make me crazy. I definitely recommend when you are in the mood for something lighter, but will still give you the feels.

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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