June 22, 2016

Review - Mr. Romantic by JA Huss

Mr. Romantic is the second book in the Misters series and can be read as a standalone. Like most linked books I think it’s best to read them all to get the whole story, especially now that I see how things are unfolding in this series. 

The story begins with Ivy Rockwell, a recent Brown graduate getting invited to an exclusive job interview with Nolan Delaney. She is obviously excited, but also a little taken aback since she didn’t apply and thinks there is no way she will get the job. Its the chance of a lifetime so of course she accepts the invite. 

Nolan Delany is Mr. Romantic, and Ivy is immediately warned to stay away from him and not to fall for any of his advances. Ivy decides to disregard the warning and take her chances with the dangerous Mr. Romantic. From here, this story is hot, super, super hot. I actually thought that would be the gist of the story and I wasn’t complaining, but I was wrong. 

With Mr. Romantic we begin to see a little mystery and suspense, nothing over the top, it’s still an erotic romance. However, I really loved the direction Huss took with the story. I liked how things are slowly being revealed and I really can’t wait to get more answers. I also loved getting a little more information about Mr. Match. I got legit cold chills when another past character's name was mentioned. 

This series really reminds me of the Rook & Ronin series as it has love, sexy times and real connections, but it also has a suspenseful/twisty side. I am so excited to see what comes and can only imagine falling more and more in love with this series!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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