June 21, 2016

Review - Stay Until We Break by Mercy Brown

OMG, I loved this book! This is the second book in Hub Cityseries, but they feature different couples and can be read as standalone. However, I don’t recommend it, since the stories really build on top of each other. 

In Stay Until We Break the band is on tour, it’s still 1995 and the tour isn’t as glamorous as you would imagine. The band are sleeping where they can, traveling in a van, barely getting paid.

Sunny, Emmy’s best friend, is acting as the tour manager. She has had the biggest crush on Cole, the bassist, for as long as she can remember and decides to make her move. When Sunny comes onto Cole she is completely wasted and Cole refuses her. He thinks Sunny deserves better than a drunken night, but this leads her to believe he isn’t interested. 

What may sound frustrating or like miscommunication isn’t in the slightest. This really just builds this slow burn that had me anticipating when they would finally connect. Sunny only has the nerve to tell Cole how she feels when she is drunk and Cole feels like he is taking advantage of her. The give and take had me hooked. 

This story had so much more heart and emotion. Both Sunny and Cole’s story and situation broke my heart. They can appear to be opposites at times, but still have similar struggles and fears. I loved how this book just brought the feels!

Then there is the story with the rest of the band and the music. I am not huge on rockstar books, but this series is so freaking fun and addictive. I love this band and how they interact together. I love the camaraderie and love they have for the music and each other. 

This series keeps getting better and better, as I loved this story even more than the first. I can’t wait for the beefcake’s story and I hope it features Claire!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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