July 12, 2016

Review - Cream of the Crop by Alice Clayton

Alice Clayton, this woman knows how to write funny and bring the feels every time. I swear I loved Natalie, she was such a fantastic heroine and I loved seeing her get her HEA. 

Natalie is besties with Roxie, we met her in Nuts. She lives in upstate New York and introduced Natalie to Oscar. Well sort of, really she just admires him from afar and becomes a complete mess when he talks to her. Now, this isn’t Natalie’s typical MO, but this guy has the power to reduce her to a bumbling idiot. She is no longer the confident advertising executive, she is a mess of nerves - which I loved, it just made her so much more relatable. 

Oscar is the silent brooding type. Nobody really knows much about him, other than he is the hot dairy guy and divorced. Once these two finally connect it’s fireworks and lots of sexual chemistry. I am not sure if it’s my insane love for Natalie or just me, but I wanted more devotion from Oscar. I wanted to feel more from him because I desperately wanted someone perfect for her after her horrible past. 

Like I said, this story is full of light hearted humor, but also delivers on the feels. I am sure every person can relate to feeling like less than at one point in their life. Reading Natalie’s POV allowed me to relate and feel for her. I loved her confidence and sense of humor, but what I really loved is how she owned who she was. Strong heroines that don’t come off as bitches are few and far between, Natalie didn’t seem bitchy she was someone I could see being my friend. 

It’s so rare and unique when an author can have you laugh out loud and feel so much, Alice Clayton knows how to do both! I definitely recommend Cream of the Crop, which can be read as stand alone, although I recommend reading Nuts too!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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