July 21, 2016

Review - A Gift of Time by Beth Flynn

I swear I still remember the feeling I felt reading Nine Minutes. This is a quote from my review: "I can promise you one thing I don’t think I will ever forget reading this book and how it made me feel.” This entire series has been this way, unforgettable. 

This is the conclusion to Grunt, Grizz and Ginny’s story and I am not sure what I can say about the story that will not be a spoiler for this book or the series. If you have read the series you will be happy to know it answers all your questions. It left me with a peace and a huge smile on my face. 

I started this journey almost two years ago and I remember having such mixed feelings. How can I be okay with a guy abducting a 15 year old girl and them falling in love? Especially when he isn’t even a easy to love, he is a criminal and hardened. I remember the way I felt watching Grizz’s execution, devastated. I remember how I felt when Ginny and Grunt built a life together, conflicted. Now the I finished this series I just feel complete and utter happiness. 

I love how Beth ended things, they were perfect. I love how the story is told in two parts. The first part answering my million questions. The second part building on a story I already loved. This series will always be one of my favorites. It will always bring back those epic feelings and I will NEVER FORGET how I felt reading all of these books. 

While this is the conclusion I can only imagine what Beth will bring us next. I can’t wait to read more and see how things unfold for Mimi. 

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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