August 23, 2016

Review - Furious Rush by S.C. Stephens

The story begins with us meeting Mackenzie Cox, she is the daughter of a racing legend. Her whole life has been spent on the track and she has big dreams of making it in this business. Despite her company’s father suffering, she is still driven, focused and determined to fix things. Mackenzie is always the perfect daughter until a guy comes in and changes everything.

Hayden Hayes is everything she should avoid. He is dangerous and a racer for the rival team. He is daring and bold and he makes her begin to question everything. First, let me tell you, I am a fan of Hayden. He is fun, sexy and so freaking loyal. While on paper he is the wrong guy he actually pushes her to be better, he brings out the best in her. 

Naturally, these two begin sneaking around and I do love some forbidden love so of course, I was all in. This is when I really began to love Hayden and that led to my frustration with Mackenzie. I wanted her to see this fantastic guy she had in front of her and open up. I wanted more sooner. 

Furious Rush was like nothing I was expecting. From the woman who brought me the most angsty series ever, this one was a lot tamer in angst. I hate to even admit it, but at times it felt slow to me. This is not something I was expecting, at all. Usually, SC Stephens has me in knots dying to turn the page. So now I am a little conflicted. The forbidden love is great, the writing is good, but it does drag at times. By the end, I was pretty excited with the pace, but then I finished and was confused because this book is supposed to be a stand-alone. 

I can absolutely see why some of my friends love this book and I can also see why it isn’t for others. That being said if you love forbidden love and are a fan of SC Stephens check it out!

ARC kindly provided in exchange for an honest review. 

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